Nigel Rolfe  
"Rolfe has been active as a performance artist since the 1970s, more recently moving into photography and video, though nearly always trading in images relating to his performance work, or to specific objects used in his performances. And there are aspects of the performance here that might be termed macho, in an archaic kind of way – the artist's body the site of assault, the impact to create empathy and at the same time estrangement. Something akin, indeed, to a certain mood of human embodiment, something apart from natural history, and yet terribly subject. It is a piece that negates fashion, proving Rolfe to be working a vein that is not yet, despite everything, shot. " 15px
Luke Clancy, Art Review
Issue 28, December 2008
    Nigel Rolfe, Live Actiion 10, Gothenberg Sweden, 2015